DargonZine 3, Issue 7

Dafydd’s Amber Glow Dargonzine 3-7

Okay, here is, as promised, the scoop on the DargonZine back issue archives:


Back issues of DargonZine are available from the Archive Server run by Mark Seiffert. DargonZine has its own section of the Archive in the directory called other/digest/DargonZine, with each volume having a separate sub-directory for it’s issues. There are two auxillary files available from the DargonZine directory: the file “index” lists the file names and the descriptions of what is in the files; and the “list” file is a Unix-style ls-lR file of the files available.

Back issues are requested from the machine “Archive@mgse” (which may have to be translated to “archive%mgse@rex.cs.tulane.edu” from some machines) by sending it mail. An example of the commands required to get the help file, the index and list files, Volume 1 Issue 1, and Volume2 Issue 1 of the magazine is below:



send other/digest/DargonZine/list

send other/digest/DargonZine/index

send other/digest/DargonZine/vol01/issue01

send other/digest/DargonZine/vol02/issue01


The files are also available for anonymous uucp at 504-467-1069, 2400 baud, login ‘archive’ in the directory “/archive/other/digest/DargonZine/”. Callers at 300 or 1200 baud will have to send a break.


If you have any problems or questions, please contact Mark at “archivea@mgse” (or “archivea%mgse@rex.cs.tulane.edu” – Mark is the administrator of the Archive and I have little to no knowledge of just how it works. Please be sure to send your mail files to the right place: questions/problems to archivea@mgse, requests for files to archive@mgse. Thank you, and thanks to Mark for the service and for much of the above explanation.


The above presented documentation is right out of the DargonZine Info file, and, as noted, was culled from the documentation that Mark provides for his Server. As I said last issue, I have tested the Server and it works. However, it seems to only accept one command at a time. So, if you want multiple issues, it would seem that you have to send multiple mail messages to the machine. But that’s no bad thing – it will help distribute the load on the network if you don’t request all 13 back issues at once anyway!


I just have two more things to make note of. Its probably a little late for this (should have been in the last issue), but I would like to remind those students who receive DargonZine and who are leaving school for the summer to unsubscribe (just send me a message -its that easy) to save the bandwidth it will take to send your account an issue of DargonZine and have it bounce because your account is no longer active. When you return in the fall, just send me another message and I’ll resubscribe you, and you can get the issues you missed from Mark’s Archive Server! Thank you for the consideration.


And, lastly, there are a few addresses out there that seem to be reachable from the ListServ network that distributes this magazine, but not from my personal account. I would like to reassure these people, most particularly Cathy Newberry (who is the only account I am sure I cannot reach by mail – but there must be others), that I am not ignoring their requests for further information. Cathy, I tried to send you back issues, and this week the DargonZine Info file so you could get them yourself. But, no matter what I tried (and that wasn’t as much as it could have been maybe, but I’m no mailer-daemon), our Mailer refused to believe that your node exists. I’m terribly sorry that I couldn’t respond directly to your requests, but I did try. Fortunately, I know that the issues make it to you, so above is the back issue information.


Thank you and enjoy DargonZine.


Dafydd, Editor DargonZine

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