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Thinking about joining the Dargon Project? Here are a few of the most compelling reasons to join:

  • Mentoring.
    Every new writer is assigned a mentor. This mentor will help you get acquainted with the world of the Dargon Project and offer advice on how to integrate your ideas.
  • Peer Review.
    Every story undergoes a peer review where each author gives their opinion and can offer advice on how it can be improved or how it can better integrate into the Dargonverse. And for those who have trouble with reviews, we have a critique form that can be used to offer solid, concrete feedback.
  • It’s Free!
    It’s free to join and participate in the Dargon Project. We simply ask that a year after being published in the zine, and if you’re still a member, that you pay a nominal due. Until then, it’s free, and we even have a tiered rate for students. You can read more about membership dues in the Writer FAQ.

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If you have problems using the form below, please email editor@dargonzine.org about your interest in writing for Dargonzine.

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