About DargonZine

This page contains information and links which are designed to give you an idea about what DargonZine (the magazine) and the Dargon Project (our writing group) are all about.

Sub-pages of Interest

DargonZine is a strictly noncommercial electronic magazine (ISSN 1080-9910) that prints original fantasy fiction by fantasy authors. It is the publication vehicle of the Dargon Project, a fantasy-based “shared world” where authors write in a common milieu, sharing settings, mythos, and characters.

DargonZine is the successor of FSFnet, which was the Dargon Project’s original emag. Between the two, DargonZine is the longest running electronic magazine on the Internet. If you would like to download the full zip file of Dargonzine and FSFNet back issues in text format, click here.

If you still have questions, please feel free to drop us a line!

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