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The Dargon Project is run by a Board of Directors that is elected each year. Each director oversees a particular part of the Dargon Project. The current reigning Dargon Project Board of Directors is as follows:

  • Editor: Jon Evans (email)
    Responsible for DargonZine content and strategic decisions.
  • Assistant Editor: Jim Owens (email)
    Main responsibilities include helping with the management of DargonZine and assisting the Editor where needed.
  • Production Director: Liam Donahue (email)
    Responsible for the physical process of producing issues of DargonZine and management of associated databases.
  • Marketing & Mentoring Director: Open
    Responsible for Dargon Project and DargonZine marketing, websites, and corporate communications; also responsible for the Dargon Project’s mentoring program for new writers
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