DargonZine 1, Issue 1

Dafydd’s Amber Glow Dargonzine 1-1

Hello, readers! Here it is, the first issue of the ‘replacement’ – or rather, continuation – of FSFNet. As the new Editor, I hope that DargonZine serves you all as well as my predecesor’s magazine did.


DargonZine is not really a replacement for FSFNet, but rather a vehicle for the continuation of the Dargon Project, which made up a substantial part of the material in FSFNet. DargonZine will not be publishing anything non-Dargon, but R. Allen Jervis (C78KCK@IRISHMVS) has consented to take up the slack and publish any non-Dargon SF or Fantasy that anyone out there would like to write and/or read.


This first issue contains five stories, three from authors new to the project. The first is from Max Khaytsus, and continues his “Unlikely Partners” story, Part 1 of which was in FSFNET Vol11N2. The second story, “Runaway”, is by our first new author Michelle Brothers. The first part of the story provides some background to the rest of the story, and the second part, which happens some 9 months later, happens shortly after Max’s story ends – in fact, they cross to a minor extent.


The third story is from another new author, John Sullivan. “Steel Souls” gives us a little insight into the character of Ittosai. It takes place between “Worthy of the Title” and “A Visit to Connall”, which appeared in FSFNet Vol10N5 and Vol11N3 respectively, before Ittosai has become the Castellan of Connall.


The fourth story is by John Doucette (our third new author) and is titled “Inquiries”, which introduces some foreign intrigue. And last is the beginning of an exciting new story line by M. Wendy Henniquin called “Trial by Fire”. A well packed issue for the initial issue of DargonZine – I hope that you readers will enjoy it.

Dafydd, Editor DargonZine

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