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Stories in the series "Fate of a Child"

# 1: Fate of a Child Part 1

By: | DargonZine 11, Issue 10

"Mama!" A cry pierced through the air, silencing the birds that had been chirping happily all morning.   "Mama!" The cry came from a little girl sitting under a tree, away from the trails. She was tied to the tree so that she could not leave the shelter the branches provided. Part of the rope was around her waist, the other around the trunk of the tree, with just enough rope in between to allow her to move around. Her small hands ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Fate of a Child Part 2

By: | DargonZine 12, Issue 2

"Tobias, Tobias! Look what I got!" Anna ran down the snow-covered hill, holding the result of this morning's hunt in her hands. She could see Tobias Held, her guardian, blowing in his hands to warm them while he was waiting for her to come down the hill. Anna stumbled, fell, and slid several feet downward. Quickly, she got to her feet and walked the rest of the way. Her face beamed with pride.   "Look Tobias! I caught a rabbit! All by ... [ Read More ]

# 3: Fate of a Child Part 3

By: | DargonZine 12, Issue 9

The traditional Melrin Ball at Dargon Keep was almost over. Music and laughter could be heard outside the walls of the keep where Tobias Held paced impatiently. When the first guests started to make their way home, Tobias headed through old alleys towards the south of the keep. Just where the fields began, a single tree stood tall and majestic. Tobias didn't have any trouble finding his way; he had located the meeting place in daylight and made a mental ... [ Read More ]