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Stories in the series "A Tale of Two Families"

# 1: A Tale of Two Families Part 1

By: | DargonZine 11, Issue 10

The three men rode without speaking. They were nearing their destination, having set off early the previous day. Jokal des Morest, the leader of the three riders, adjusted his grip on the reins of his horse and turned in the saddle to address the men behind him.   "There's an inn coming up," Jokal said. "We'll stop and eat before pushing on to the Rerre estate."   "Yes, sir," replied Darrant. His black hair was slicked across his forehead with sweat. Jokal could see ... [ Read More ]

# 2: A Tale of Two Families Part 2

By: | DargonZine 12, Issue 9

Jokal des Morest saddled his mare in silence, pondering the events of the previous two days. He remembered the feeling of wonder and awe he felt on arriving at Mathias Rerre's sumptuous estate. He remembered the joy that registered on Leila's face when she saw him, and he recalled that smile changing to one of annoyance when Jokal had dared to broach the subject of business on such a joyful day. His sister had scolded him and then proceeded to ... [ Read More ]