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Welcome visitor! DargonZine was established in December of 1984. That makes us the longest-running digital magazine on the Internet. During that time we’ve had wars, withstood floods, and gone through an evil mage or two. We’ve helped numerous authors improve their writing, make new friends, and add their own unique stamp to the shared world. Here are a few of the reasons we think you should join:

  • A Strong Community

    DargonZine was one of the first social-networking sites, started before there was even a word to describe social-networking sites. Our writers share their knowledge and creativity with one another, serve as springboards for ideas, and motivators for “blocked” writers.

  • Mentoring

    Every new writer is assigned a mentor. This mentor will help you get acquainted with the world of the Dargon Project and offer advice on how to integrate your ideas into the shared world.

  • An Exciting Fantasy World

    Writing fantasy can be exhilarating. Every story has the potential to establish its own universe. Sometimes, however, that freedom creates such a tangle of world rules, society structure, magic system definition, etcetera that we lose ourselves in the process. The world of the Dargon Project provides an infrastructure so that you can focus more on your plot development, dialog or scene construction. But it’s still a big world, and there are plenty of areas to flesh out or define.

Have we caught your interest? If so, send an email to stating that you’d like to join! We’ll get back to you to verify you’re a real person and then add you to our lists! Thanks for checking us out.

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