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Where is Dargon?

The Duchy of Dargon sits in the isolated northernmost corner of the Kingdom of Baranur. It’s home to the city of Dargon, a medieval port that spans the River Coldwell. Dargon Keep is a castle where the Duke of Dargon lives. It is situated on a large outcropping of rock that overlooks the city of Dargon, and is built atop the ruins of Wudamund, an ancient outpost of the long-deceased Fretheod Empire.

Who rules the duchy?

Clifton Dargon II is the current ruler of Duchy Dargon. He is a middle-aged noble married to Lauren Equiville, the daughter of Marcellon Equiville, the High Mage of Baranur.

Other Important People

  • Adrunian Koren: Captain of Dargon’s town guard.
  • Kalen Darklen: A lieutenant in the town guard, Kalen is second in command to Captain Koren.
  • Shadow boys: A loose society of homeless children who live on the streets of Dargon.
  • Sian Allyn: A single woman who has taken in a number of street children.
  • Simon Salamagundi: A retired sailor who sells his well-known fish stew from a cart down at the docks. Simon has a little pet monkey named Skeebo.
  • Nila: A silversmith and exile from the faraway western land of Farevlin.
  • Corambis: A sage who tells fortunes in the marketplace. He has a young assistant named Thuna, and is friends with another fortune-teller named Dyann Taishent.
  • Luthias Connall: The cousin of Duke Dargon. Granted the County of Connall after the deaths of his father and twin brother. His wife Myrande is also known as Sable.

Familiar Places in Dargon

  • Baranur: The primary kingdom of northern Cherisk, Baranur is presently ruled by King Haralan Tallirhan. (Glossary description.)
  • Barel: Small, rural town to the north-east of Dargon. (Glossary description.)
  • Cherisk: Continent on Makdiar. Contains the states of Baranur and Beinison, among others. (Glossary description.)
  • Coldwell River: River running from its source in the Darst Range, through Kenna and into the sea at Dargon, where the river is spanned by a narrow Causeway.(Glossary description.)
  • Commercial Street: An open air marketplace formed within the large area between the docks and the warehouses of Dargon’s waterfront. This is the largest open area within the city of Dargon, and the second largest marketplace.(Glossary description.)
  • Dargon Keep: A large castle on top of a cliff with several large rooms, including two ballrooms. Main seat of the Duke of Dargon. Its three towers make it an unmistakeable landmark.(Glossary description.)
  • Darst Range: The northermost portion of the Skywall Mountains, the Darst Range begins in the vicinity of Mount Voldronnai in the Duchy of Arvalia, and ends in the southern half of Duchy Dargon.(Glossary description.)
  • Fennell: A modest barony located in the forests southwest of Dargon [city].(Glossary description.)
  • Gateway: A military town of about 250 people, surrounding Gateway Keep, that protects the Upper Laraka River. (Glossary description.)
  • Kenna: A small and relatively new town at the base of the Darst Range and alongside the river Coldwell; Upriver from Dargon.(Glossary description.)
  • Magnus: Capital of the Kingdom of Baranur; a large city on the Laraka River. Population of about 50,000 people. (Glossary description.)
  • Makdiar: The name of the world depicted in Dargon Project stories. Makdiar has two main continents. (Glossary description.)
  • Nochturon: Larger of Makdiar’s two moons (and the only one which can be seen from Dargon/Baranur). (Glossary description.)
  • Port Sevlyn: Town located on the Laraka River, between Sharks’ Cove and Gateway Keep. Home of one of Baranur’s six fleets.(Glossary description.)
  • Sailor’s Shrine: A quiet, private shrine to the All-Creator in a wood of spruce and cedar atop a small hill at the northern end of Dargon’s port area, by Commercial Street.(Glossary description.)
  • Sharks’ Cove: Port town on the river delta at the mouth of the Laraka River. This town has a reputation for being rather rough and seedy. (Glossary description.)
  • Shattered Spear: Perhaps the most disreputable inn in the city of Dargon. Jamis is half owner. His partner, Jahlena owns the other half. (Glossary description.)
  • Spirit’s Haven: An upstanding inn in the city of Dargon. It is known for its privacy and security. Royalty through commoners have stayed here.Owned by Dara Thysler, known as May. (Glossary description.)
  • Street of Travellers: The longest and best-known street in the city of Dargon, the Street of Travellers passes over the causeway over the river Coldwell, connecting the New City to the Old City. (Glossary description.)
  • Temple Street: Many of Dargon’s gods and religions maintain red-tiled houses of worship on Temple Street, which crests a small but steep hill. (Glossary description.)
  • Tench: One cow town at a crossroads in east Narragan. Anything can be bought here for a price and any type of person can be met. (Glossary description.)
  • Trader’s Avenue: One of the longest streets in Dargon’s New City. At its western end, Traders passes through Foxmarten Square and ends at Commercial Street near the Sailors’ Shrine. (Glossary description.)
  • Venilek Market: Often called simply “the Venilek”, this is the largest market in the New City portion of Dargon. (Glossary description.)
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