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Thanks for coming to check out DargonZine, an electronic magazine which features over twenty-seven years of collaborative fantasy stories by aspiring writers on the Internet. Here’s what we think makes DargonZine better than any other fiction mag on the Web …

  • Absolutely Noncommercial: DargonZine is not just free, but very strictly noncommercial. You will never see a single advertisement anywhere on this site, we don’t send out spam, and we don’t give our subscriber list to anyone.
  • Longest-running E-zine on the Internet: DargonZine has printed free fantasy for over 27 years, making us the oldest electronic magazine on the Internet. Having thrived from the network’s infancy in 1984 to today, we’re doing something right!
  • Hundreds of Great Stories: The Dargon Project is one of the largest anthologies of related stories ever assembled. We have over 400 stories that take place in the Dargon milieu, sharing characters and settings. That’s enough fiction to fill two dozen paperback novels!
  • Great Quality: Before being printed in DargonZine, every one of our stories goes through three to six major revisions and is critiqued by our collection of writers. Our contributors take their craft very seriously, which shows when you compare DargonZine to any other fiction on the Internet.
  • A Partnership Between Readers and Writers: DargonZine’s primary purpose is to help aspiring authors become better writers by encouraging them to collaborate, having their works reviewed by their peers, and getting feedback from typical readers across the Internet. Many of our writers consider DargonZine to be their first exposure to an earnest writing community; and our readers get to reap the benefit in a regular stream of the best free, high quality fiction available online.

Whether you’re a reader or an aspiring writer, we hope you enjoy DargonZine. The links at the top will take you to the major sections of our site, or go directly to our New Reader Intro or our current issue. If you’d like to join our community, check out our Join page.¬†Thanks again for looking us up!

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