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Stories in the series "Triskele"

# 1: Triskele: Genesis

By: and | DargonZine 14, Issue 5

From my vantage point in a tree on the highway from Dargon to Kenna I watched as the wagon crawled through the muck and mire. A brief thaw had made slush of the king's highways and even though spring was nigh, it was still blisteringly cold. I forced myself to stop clenching my jaws; the chill and tension from the forthcoming violence had set my teeth on edge. The air around me had that brooding, heavy quality of approaching twilight ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Triskele: Lorelei

By: and | DargonZine 14, Issue 6

"Oh, Thyerin!" The words tumbled from her lips before she realized they had escaped. "Is it ... can it be a man?" She spoke aloud, though no one could have heard her over the waters raging over Thyerin's Falls. Viveka remained frozen like a tree in the forest for a mene longer than was necessary because she simply couldn't understand the scene before her. It was not that the river had never taken a life; it had. But Viveka had ... [ Read More ]

# 3: Triskele: Coda

By: and | DargonZine 14, Issue 7

"So you've told her then?" Nessa asked me.   I stood behind the huge worktable in the center of the room, glaring at Nessa and breathing hard, trying to control my anger and my body. After sennights of trying, I had managed to convince Viveka to roll with me and barely had we begun than we were interrupted by Nessa. Silently, I swore every single oath I could think of and then some.   Several sennights past, I had fallen down the rapids of ... [ Read More ]