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Stories in the series "The Treasure"

# 1: The Treasure Part 1

By: | DargonZine F7, Issue 5

Prolog   Reference A   "...toiled and wrought long and hard, and harnesser of the Yrmenweald, the great Master Staff, was completed after many, many cycles (1). Swithwald, the most exalted Master of the Clear Fire Weavers (2), completed the bindings between the (an untranslateable rune - a name?) (3) source and the Master Staff, and left the siring of the lesser staves to the rest of his brotherhood, being exhausted nigh unto death by his feat. And so was the way forged for ... [ Read More ]

# 2: The Treasure Part 2

By: | DargonZine F8, Issue 2

Part II   The Magician   Roharvardenul walked away from the Fighting Unicorns well pleased with the deal he and Ka'en had made. Patting his side, where the book rested in the folds of his cloak, he walked slowly to the shadows of a side alley. Once hidden from casual observers, he let the 'whore' illusion that hid him fade, as well as the 'man in brown' one he wore under it. And he smiled in the knowledge that even should the missing book ... [ Read More ]

# 3: The Treasure Part 3

By: | DargonZine F9, Issue 2

Je'en   "To marriage!"   The toast was heartily echoed by those around the table, and all lifted their flagons and drained them. Congratulations came from all over the taproom of the Inn of the Panther causing Kroan to beam brightly and toss appropriate replys back.   Je'lanthra'en leaned back against the wall and thought there must be something in the air. Just a month or so ago, she, Cefn and Kroan had attended the gypsy wedding of Maks and Syusahn, who was none the worse ... [ Read More ]

# 4: The Treasure Part 4

By: | DargonZine F10, Issue 2

Part 4   Tandi's Quest   Tanandra wearily folded her "acquired" bedroll after yet another night without sleep. The rising sun provided enough illumination for her to prepare a meager meal - the rations she had acquired along with her bedding were nearly gone. She sat facing south-east while she ate, looking deeper into rising foothills. Her goal was near, somewhere among those hills. That was part of the reason she had been sleepless for the past six nights: the nervousness of actually facing ... [ Read More ]