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Stories in the series "The Game"

# 1: The Game 1

By: and | DargonZine 21, Issue 1

The room was dark and damp with but a single candle to light the way. The bed was hard and mostly filled with old straw that reeked. It wasn't anywhere near what I was used to, but for the moment I had no other choice. I had been asked to tell my story and so I sat on the small stool, took a long breath, and started. *** I stepped out of the bathhouse just behind Masian, a young man who was ... [ Read More ]

# 2: The Game 2

By: and | DargonZine 21, Issue 2

The woman standing in front of me was infuriating. Although she never interrupted me as I told her my story, she mostly glared. My cell is small and uncomfortable and I do not need her hatred. I wish she would either confide in me or go away. Instead she prodded me about my relationship with Jande. I told her that Jande visited me many times and I start talking about one of them. *** "Grana says that you're a very special man," ... [ Read More ]

# 3: The Game 3

By: and | DargonZine 21, Issue 3

"You paint a fair picture of yourself, Delex," Nusa said to me, a lowly prisoner in the Dargon jail. "You work as a prostitute for Eliza Tillipanary at the Lucky Lady. You have women pay you to do disgusting things and you take pleasure in it. You are charged with murdering a man and with attempted rape. The picture that others have painted is a far different one than yours." "Will you not try to find the truth?" I asked. "Otherwise, ... [ Read More ]

# 4: The Game 4

By: and | DargonZine 21, Issue 4

"I just don't see how anyone could find you innocent, Delex," Nusa told the prisoner. "You had the dead man in your arms, you had his blood on you, and the knife in your hands. Jande looked as if someone tried to rip her clothes off." "I work as a prostitute at the Lucky Lady," Delex said. "I have women paying me willingly for sex. I've never hurt anyone before. Jande killed that man, not me." "Let's go over things one more ... [ Read More ]