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Stories in the series "The Bronze Horseman"

# 1: The Bronze Horseman Part 1

By: | DargonZine 3, Issue 7

A brigand with a large gap between his teeth handed the lance to the young knight on his horse. "He's giving you a chance to die fighting, but if you win, the rest of us will kill you." He smiled savagely. "You went after the wrong people, boy."   The knight backhanded the brigand and brought the lance up over the saddle. "I see I killed the wrong three. Get out of my way or I'll skewer you."   Another brigand drew his sword. ... [ Read More ]

# 2: The Bronze Horseman Part 2

By: | DargonZine 3, Issue 9

Kera gratefully accepted the sailor's outstretched hand and jumped down onto the pier. After a few weeks at sea, it was a pleasant change to stand on ground that did not rock beneath her feet.   "I hope you had a good voyage, miss," the sailor told her.   "Actually that was my first time," Kera smiled. "The constant rocking was...well, a pain."   "Never been on a ship before?" the sailor asked with a smile.   "I have, but only for a few hours at a time," ... [ Read More ]

# 3: The Bronze Horseman Part 3

By: | DargonZine 3, Issue 11

"He's not dead!" Kera looked defiantly at the farmer. "He can't be!"   "I saw it with my own eyes, Miss. They jousted and then Sir Quinn cut his throat. He's not the first one either. Knights and bounty hunters from all over have been coming to collect the reward on his head."   "No!"   "Trust me, Miss, he's dead. I can take you to his grave, if you want."   "All right," Kera said. Seeing Rien's grave would not help her, but maybe it would let ... [ Read More ]