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Stories in the series "Past, Present, and Presage"

# 1: Past, Present, and Presage Part 1: Simona’s Story

By: | DargonZine 13, Issue 10

It has been seven years since I entered the Bardic College, seven long years during which I learned how to read and write and tell stories with the songs I sing. My teachers say I have much to learn before they will bestow upon me the first stave of my journeyman bard rank and let me leave the protective walls of the college. Yet my longing to see my mother and sister leave me crying at night. Even worse, I ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Past, Present, and Presage Part 2: Megan’s Story

By: | DargonZine 15, Issue 10

"Wake up, Megan!" A gentle shake woke me out of my dreams. Groggily, I opened my eyes, only to see my mother's face in pain.   "It's time," mother breathed. "Go! Run and get Elena!" Realizing the urgency in her voice, I vaulted out of my bed, grabbed my heavy winter clothing and boots, dressed on my way to the door, and ran outside. It was early morning and freezing cold, but I barely noticed it. I sank down to my knees ... [ Read More ]