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Stories in the series "Laraka"

# 1: Campaign for the Laraka Part 1: An Unpleasant Surprise

By: | DargonZine 3, Issue 8

Castle Pentamorlo, Duchy Dargon, Baranur 10 Naia, 1014 B.Y.   "You're right, Kimme, I don't understand," Morion said.   "I am not sure I fully understand either, my love," the Araf commented. "All I know is what I saw in the vision. I do not know why this vision came to me. But I do know I must find the cause. And I must know which ending is to be."   "But do you have to go now?" Morion asked, coming to sit on the bed beside ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Campaign for the Laraka Part 2: The Juggernaught Unleashed

By: and | DargonZine 3, Issue 10

Port Sevlyn, Duchy Quinnat, Baranur 6 Yule, 1014 B.Y.   Lord Morion leaned against the hearth, every muscle in his weary body crying out for rest. When he was first ushered into the Lord Mayor's study, he'd been offered wine and a chair by a very industrious servant. Morion declined rather harshly (the poor servant had yet to recover from his fright) for he knew that if he stopped for so much as a few minutes, he would succumb to sleep.   "Where is that ... [ Read More ]

# 3: Campaign for the Laraka III Decision at Gateway Keep Part 1

By: | DargonZine 7, Issue 1

Crown Castle, Magnus, Royal Duchy, Baranur 13 Yule, 1014 B.Y.   The eight Regiments of the Royal Hussars filed through the gate to the Inner Courtyard and made for the barracks they had vacated just eight days ago when they began their journey south to join the fighting against the enemy army moving rapidly north towards Magnus.   General of the Cavalry Count Sir Luthias Connall and Commander Sarah Verde, Commander of the 1st Royal Hussars, dismounted and entered the King's Keep. Luthias was ... [ Read More ]

# 4: Campaign for the Laraka III Decision at Gateway Keep Part 2

By: | DargonZine 7, Issue 2

Gateway Keep, Royal Duchy, Baranur 19 Yule, 1014 B.Y.   Goren stared, for the fifth time that afternoon, at the blood-stained floor where his brother had lain. Tiny shards of the Crystal still gathered in the corners of the room, and the left overs from Ne'on's magical mixtures, books, and components remained in the shelves. He hadn't taken the time to clean out the room, and couldn't spare the manpower on domestic cleaning - with Beinison warriors surrounding the keep, Gateway had ... [ Read More ]