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Stories in the series "Kidnapped"

# 1: Kidnapped Part 1

By: | DargonZine 7, Issue 3

Kera's sword connected solidly with her opponent's shield, splintering a large chip from the edge.   He stepped back, shaking his shield arm to relax the strained muscle from the force of the blow.   Kera quickly closed the distance the retreat created and swung again, connecting with the battered shield once more. The wood groaned and splintered, revealing a crack through the shield's face.   He took another step back and attacked Kera's shield, causing her to momentarily lose balance. She recovered, delivering a third ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Kidnapped Part 2

By: | DargonZine 7, Issue 5

Kera stretched in bed, savoring the warmth of the old blanket. The black of the night slowly dissolved into reddish hues, forming outlines of the furniture. Was it time to get up? She sat up, holding the blanket tightly around her shoulders. The night air was chilly, even colder than the drafty old castle she had been staying at.   Outside something creaked, the sound of a rusty wheel joint turning. A whip snapped, followed by a "move it, you old nag." ... [ Read More ]