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Stories in the series "Hidden Talents"

# 1: Hidden Talents Part 1

By: and | DargonZine 16, Issue 2

"Allara! Wake up, girl!" My father's voice reached into my dreams and finally awakened me. I stretched, rubbed my eyes, and slowly sat up in my small bed. Father looked down at me and continued, "I need your help this morning to copy the invitations for the Founding Day ball. We need to get them to the pigeon keeper to send out."   I nodded sleepily and murmured, "Yes, Father." Inwardly, I heaved a great sigh at the task ahead of me. ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Hidden Talents Part 2

By: and | DargonZine 16, Issue 3

Although it was a warm summer morning, Allara sat at her desk in the scriptorium of Dargon Keep. She enjoyed the coolness of the room, which would keep her comfortable, especially during the midday heat. She'd already finished the tasks assigned to her and had started a drawing to keep herself occupied. The twittering birds outside tempted her to leave and take a walk around the woods near the keep, and Allara found it difficult to resist. She knew that ... [ Read More ]

# 3: Dance of the Dead

By: | DargonZine 14, Issue 8

Jazz snuck into the crypt, armed with candle and tin whistle. His friends quietly jeered him between grunts and curses of closing the forbidding stone door. He hurriedly sparked flint to tinder in the fading patch of starlight, a murmuring flame from its cotton depths, and snapped it to the wick. A final heave as the door cracked shut, their laughs and calls muffled in the still.   Never again would he allow drink to get the better of him; not with ... [ Read More ]