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Stories in the series "Atros"

# 1: Rendezvous

By: | DargonZine F4, Issue 1

The aging alchemist Gilman awaited an appointment with a customer, but that did not make the mysterious, nocturnal visitor any more welcome. His silver however was, and Gilman knew well enough not to inquire too deeply into its source. It rankled him that respectable patrons were so rare these days with the rise of the mystic cult Masgrah, which seemed to be developing into a full blown hanse. The members, which included most of the aristocracy of the city of ... [ Read More ]

# 2: Dreamer’s Holiday

By: | DargonZine F4, Issue 3

The Grand Hall of the Keep of Dargon rivaled the local shrines and temples in augustness of stature, especially on this night, the eve of the opening of the Spice Market at the Dargon festival. The ivory white hall's sumptuous furnishings had been commissioned by the somewhat frivolous and eccentric grandfather of the the current Duke. The high flanking windows were decorated with rose red and aquamarine tinted glass arranged in somewhat bizarre geometric patterns. Paintings of obscure artists dotted ... [ Read More ]

# 3: Calls of Courtesy

By: | DargonZine F4, Issue 4

Normally Atros arose slowly from his nepenthe drugged sleep but adrenaline remarkably quickened the process this day. It's not everyday that one finds a corpse practically draped over your bed. I wasn't that corpses weren't familiar to Atros, but Atros didn't appreciate them popping up in his sleep. He quickly rolled out into prone position dirk in hand, but no opponent presented himself. He was quite alone in his rented room with everything exactly as he had left it the ... [ Read More ]

# 4: Growing Concern

By: | DargonZine F6, Issue 5

A sudden draft of late autumn air set the handful of tallow candles illuminating the interior of the Inn of the Hungry Shark to fitful flickering. As the tavern's inhabitants at a few hours after midnight consisted of only the sleepy-eyed staff and a few groggy stragglers, no one had noticed the soundless opening of the heavy oak front door. But the prolonged change in temperature eventually drew stares. For several moments, the gray cloaked figure of a motionless Atros ... [ Read More ]

# 5: Through the Veil

By: | DargonZine F7, Issue 3

Atros dreamed for the first time in many weeks. It had taken a great effort of will to break the bonds of the nepenthe still tainting his blood, but Atros had succeeded. Still, there was much more to been done, much more to experience. Atros should not relax now that he had overcome the first, and possibly the easiest, barrier.   In spite of this, for several moments Atros hesitated to open his eyes. He needed more time to solidify his resolve. ... [ Read More ]

# 6: A Difficult Recovery

By: | DargonZine F7, Issue 5

After an instant, Atros awoke on the rough pallet in Pravo's house. The full light of the sun bore down upon his face through a high window. Atros shielded his eyes in the shadow of bundle of roots hanging in the window to dry. He guessed that was very late in the afternoon. Pravo must have let him sleep through the morning.   Atros was still wrapped in his tattered gray cloak, which he now noticed was spattered with black mud. He ... [ Read More ]

# 7: Noble Favor

By: | DargonZine F10, Issue 1

The guard allowed Atros through the outer gates of the Keep of Dargon without challenge. He was well known here in his guise as Raffen Yeggent, a young foreign noble and promising businessman. Still, he entered the small courtyard with a good deal of trepidation. Though the thick talc he wore should hamper his being recognized as the unidentified man wanted in connection with the recent street slayings, the sight of the dark granite Hall of Justice did little to ... [ Read More ]