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Crown Castle
Description Residence of the king of Baranur in Magnus. Crown Castle occupies an area roughly three quarters of a league north-south and one half league east-west. Constructed with three gates, Eastgate, Southgate and in huge walls that dwarf the Royal District's outer defenses. The first wall is sixty feet high and twenty feet wide with a sixty foot diameter and eighty feet high round towers every fifty yards. The barbican defending the gate consist of two sixty feet high, forty feet square towers and a twenty feet wide, sixty feet long gatehouse thirty feet high. Massive bronze gates stand at either end of the gatehouse, each door ten feet high and fifteen feet wide with an iron portcullis that can be dropped at either end. The second wall is thirty feet farther up the hill and even more massive than the first. The wall is eighty feet high and thirty feet wide with fifty feet square bastions every one hundred yards equipped with light catapults. The gate in the second wall is one hundred yards east of the gate in the first wall. The gate is not defended by a barbican, but is incorporated into a sixty feet square keep eighty feet high. The outer gates themselves are bronze; twenty feet high, twenty feet wide. There are also two lesser gates inside the keep; ten feet high, ten feet wide oaken doors. The third and final wall barring access to the King's Keep and the Inner Courtyard is on the summit, one hundred feet farther up the hill. The wall is one hundred twenty feet high and fifty feet wide. It has one gate situated in the middle of the wall, placing it one hundred yards west of the second wall's gate and in line with the first wall's gate. Unlike the other gates, this gate is not made of oak or bronze, nor does it have a gatehouse or keep defending it. This gate is made of stone and is, in fact, part of the wall itself. Each door of the gate is forty feet high and twenty feet wide and opens onto a passage with the same dimensions through the wall that ended in a similar gate. In the Inner Courtyard is the King's Keep; a group of fortified buildings, the most prominent of which is the original keep upon which the castle grew. Also, within the Inner Courtyard is Barracks Row with fifteen two-story buildings in three groups of five along the west portion of the inner wall, each housing the headquarters for one of the fifteen regiments that make up the Magnus garrison. The barracks for the soldiers are located under the buildings and are complete with recreational, eating and medical facilities as well as stables for the cavalry.