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Manifest Pantheon
Description The All-Creator looked about Him and saw only blackness and emptiness. He was alone, but loneliness was something He did not mind for He was everything there was to be. The emotion He felt now was boredom, for everything that was, everything that could be, was him. And so, He played. He played with the blackness and created light. He played with the emptiness and created objects. He played with the elements - earth, air, fire, and water - and created life. This life was man, and He put man on His objects, and He revolved His objects, which He called planets, around the light, which He called suns. It was a simple thing, that thing which He did, and He soon grew tired of it, too. The All-Creator looked to his planets and found man, His creation, to be interesting in his randomness. Man created and destroyed on a whim, and He knew that this was wrong. He looked at man and saw he needed guidance, and He thought guidance should come from one lesser than He, for He might instill fear in the hearts of man. He also grew bored with His power, for there was nothing which could task His will, and sought to instill it upon other creatures, but not man for man would use it to destroy. He created gods in which He sought to manifest all of man's potential, both the good and the bad, to show man his faults and his qualities. He then filled His gods with power, all of His power, and became an ethereal spectator, for He knew man and god would provide Him endless entertainment, and thus were created Arom-Nok, Illiena, Eilli-Syk, Cydrian, Kessra-Nik, Muskadon, Balen-Ruk, and Osiniana. These gods, however, knew what He could not: when all was destroyed, the universe would fold in and the All-Creator would once more be. Illiena, Cydrian, Muskadon, and Osiniana did not want this for they wished to please the All-Creator and teach his creation called man. Arom-Nok, Eilli-Syk, Kessra-Nik, and Balen-Ruk, however, despised man, the All-Creator's first born, and wished to end the All-Creator's dream. They sought to destroy everything the others sought to protect. And so they struggle, as they have struggled, against each other, with and opposed to man, for a thousand thousand years.…