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Description Roharvardenul is a tall man with long, dark hair that hangs past his shoulders. His somewhat dissipated face has deep-set eyes, a large nose, and a moustache and goatee framing his slightly pouty, full lips that sneer as naturally as they smile. His chosen nickname is Vard. Vard was once part of the Elders, until his curiosity and greed carried him past the boundaries that the Eldersset for themselves. Expelled from the Elders, Vard continues his researches into whatever takes his fancy, from the ability to distil the essence of the Law of Contagion into a means of controlling people utterly from afar, to the forbidden art of Necromancy itself. Vard is a very powerful magician. He takes extreme precautions when venturing from his hidden lair, lest he be discovered and hunted down for his excesses. In the fall of 1013, he learns of a secret buried beneath Dargon Keep and he employs his control magic to force Je'lanthra'en to retrieve this secret. Cefn An'derin and Ka'lochra'en rescue her, killing Vard in the process.
  • the Treasure 2 in FSFnet 8-2 Vard translates his new book, and then takes steps to gain the power it reveals for his own.
  • the Treasure 3 in FSFnet 9-2 Vard's experiments in the necromantic arts has called him to the attention of the Council of Elders.
  • the Treasure 4 in FSFnet 10-2 Vard nears the end of his quest to become master of the keseth.
  • Talisman Five 1 in DargonZine 13-6 Vard purchases a mysterious chest and finds some exciting information within it.
  • Talisman Five 2 in DargonZine 13-7 Vard hires a thief to steal the Tome of the Yrmenweald out of the Bardic College.
  • Dance of the Dead in DargonZine 14-8 Magician who ensorcels Jasper for years.
  • Fears in DargonZine 19-8 Passing reference