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Quirin Keep
Description Located on an island in the Laraka River delta at Sharks' Cove. A 3-4 story keep on a vastly overgrown island with a 5 story tower, tipped with a silver dome. Quirin Keep, built by Duke Vezakis over three hundred years ago, was the original fortification for entrance to the Laraka.
  • the Bronze Horseman 2 in DargonZine 3-9 Passing reference
  • Slavers in DargonZine 4-1 Rien sneaks into Quirin to find out about the slaves Isom is selling.
  • To Be Continued... in DargonZine 5-3 The adventurers are searching upriver of Quirin Keep.
  • Vengeance is Mine... in DargonZine 6-4 Passing reference; Talens orders everyone west of Quirin to be put to death.