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Ponterisso, Kittara
Description A young woman, expert with the crossbow. Worked as a bodyguard and assassin, now employed by Duke Jastrik of Arvalia.
  • Kittara Comes to Town in FSFnet 5-3 Main character. Hired to kill Yan the Yellow by his son
  • Cydric and the Sage 3 in FSFnet 9-1 Forces a man to pay Cydric after the man spills Cydric's lunch.
  • Cydric and the Sage 4 in FSFnet 10-1 Passing reference
  • Cydric and the Sage 5 in FSFnet 10-6 Arrests Holleena for breaking into Corambis' house.
  • Quadrille 2 in DargonZine 10-6 She and her partner Sylk investigate suspicious activity by Dargon's docks.
  • Quadrille 3 in DargonZine 10-8 She and Sylk investigate the murder of Duke Jastrik's bookkeeper in Dargon.
  • Quadrille 6 in DargonZine 11-4 She and Sylk find out who may have killed Jastrik's bookkeeper.
  • Cat's Cry in DargonZine 13-5 Discovers the truth about the catwyrm.