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Codex Araltakonia
Description Ancient book of dark Mystic knowledge. It was originally possessed by the wizard Tarlada and kept in his tower (known as Glasmelyn Llaw or the Emerald Hand). After Tarlada was killed by the mage Cefn and his partner Je'en, the tower lay abandoned until Berk and Kintrell, a pair of adventurers, discovered the tower and looted it. Kintrell found and took the Codex; later he and Berk were killed when some of the tower's latent magic turned them to stone. Not long after, a hermit named Jongur happened by the tower and found the petrified remains of the adventurers. He took the Codex (along with the other treasures) and sold them. The Codex turned up at a book shop in Dargon, where it was purchased by Brynna Thorne, captain of the trading vessel Vanguard Voyager. She consulted a local scribe, who determined that the Codex was of ancient origin and advised her to deliver the book to the Royal Scholar in Magnus. Nearing Port Sevlyn, the Voyager was attacked by Commander Challion aboard the pirate vessel Black Swan. Challion wanted the Codex, but Brynna refused to hand it over. After a brief battle, Challion was defeated. Brynna left the Voyager in Port Sevlyn and continued on her own to Magnus, where she turned the Codex over to the Scholar's Council. The book was placed in the Bardic Library, where it was stolen by Pike and delivered to an unnamed buyer.
  • Unwelcome Encounter in DargonZine 2-3 Brynna Thorne has possesion of the Codex, and Commander Challion tries to take it from her.
  • Reluctant Revelation in DargonZine 3-9 Passing reference
  • Take from the Tower in DargonZine 6-2 Found by Kintrell in the Glasmelyn Llaw tower; later found and sold by Jongur the Hermit.
  • Resolutions in DargonZine 6-5 Is turned over to the Scholars' Council in Magnus.
  • On the Prowl 1 in DargonZine 12-4 Mentioned in passing.
  • On the Prowl 2 in DargonZine 12-5 Pike breaks into the Bardic Library to steal this work.