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Description Mahr was Cefn's apprentice. She aided him against the cult of Jhel, but while with him in the limbo-space, she was the victim of Terkan's magics. Her fate is not known, though she did not return from limbo with Cefn.
  • the Dream 1 in FSFnet 6-3 Mahr helps Cefn keep track of Je'en and their plan to bring the last remnant of the cult of Jhel into the open.
  • the Dream 2 in FSFnet 6-4 Mahr's duties as apprentice to Cefn lead her into danger as the two of them confront the last septent of Jhel.
  • Fears in DargonZine 19-8 Passing reference
  • Ol Tamboch Narhin, Thread 6: Building Fear 6 in DargonZine 27-1 Passing reference