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Description Aimee Taishent's puppy. Later her dog.
  • What are Little Girls Made Of? in DargonZine 4-3 Aimee returns to her grandfather's house to retrieve Karl.
  • Pact 4 in DargonZine 5-2 Passing reference; busy begging for scraps in the Keep's kitchen.
  • Pact 5 in DargonZine 5-3 Corambis and Dyann use Karl as an ingredient in a spell to search for Aimee.
  • Pact 6 in DargonZine 5-4 Manages to sneak into the Keep's catacombs to join Aimee.
  • Cherryseye in DargonZine 15-10 He enjoys the desserts prepared for Aimee's birthday