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Description Je'lanthra'en is a young woman (27 in 1010), tall, with sandy-blond hair, who hails from a country to the south of Baranur. Her nickname is Je'en. She came to Baranur to be a bard, and succeeded. In Sy of 1010, she was attacked by some thugs while she was riding through the Fifth Quarter of Magnus late at night. She survived the encounter, but her singing voice and playing hand did not. Her right hand was injured severely enough to deprive her of full control of her fingers, and to leave no real strength in her wrist. After leaving the College of Bards, she travelled north to the school for warriors run by Sir Morion, where she met the tough teacher's standards and was admitted. She spent two years there, and earned the nickname "the green blade", which was shortened to "Greeny". She learned to fight left handed, and adopted the wearing of a half-mask to cover the scar on her face left by the thugs who attacked her in Magnus. After graduating from Sir Morion's school, she travelled to Dargon to visit with her brother, arriving at the beginning of Naia, 1012. She got a job as a guard for a merchant company, but became plagued by bad dreams concerning the loss of her former livelihood. At about the same time, she also ran afoul of a band of cultists who wanted the sword she had taken from the vaults of the college when she left. With the help of a magician named Cefn, she overcame the cultists, and then decided to become Cefn's partner. After disposing of the sword Lladwr, she and Cefn were engaged to help rescue the soon-to-be-wife of a gypsy named Maks. Syusahn ran afoul of some dormant magic from the distant past, and required the services of both Je'en and Cefn to free her from its grasp. (This happened in Naia of 1013.) In Ober of 1013, while celebrating her brother's engagement, she fell under the control of some outside force. Compelled against her will, she broke into the lower levels of Dargon Keep and opened a vault that was sealed well over 2000 years previously. She took the contents to the one who controlled her, who used the items to gain entrance to the prison where the keseth has been held for millennia. Her erstwhile partner, Cefn, and her cousin, the thief Ka'en, followed her and her captor, Vard, and prevented him from gaining control over the alien known as the keseth. In the process, Je'en was wounded by a sword that will slowly destroy her. In the following months, she and Cefn quested for her cure, but that cure was needed by another and she calmly died.
  • A New Life in FSFnet 5-3 Je'en's "new life" is brought on by her carelessness in entering the Fifth Quarter late at night.
  • the Dream 1 in FSFnet 6-3 Je'en suffers from bad dreams concerning her former abilities as a bard.
  • the Dream 2 in FSFnet 6-4 Je'en's wish to be a bard again allows the septent of Jhel to tempt her.
  • Glasmelyn Llaw 1 in FSFnet 6-5 Je'en gets closer to Cefn as they attempt to rescue the bethrothed of a gypsy named Maks.
  • Glasmelyn Llaw 2 in FSFnet 7-1 Je'en's bardic knowledge allows her to figure out how to defeat the magics within the Glasmelyn Llaw.
  • Duty in FSFnet 7-3 Passing reference
  • the Treasure 1 in FSFnet 7-5 Ka'lochra'en is Je'en's cousin - he is worried that her presence at the college might upset his plans.
  • the Treasure 3 in FSFnet 9-2 Je'en finds herself behaving erratically, doing things despite her attempts to resist them.
  • the Treasure 4 in FSFnet 10-2 Je'en finds herself in thrall to the evil magician Vard.
  • Pact 2 in DargonZine 4-4 Passing reference; noted for breaking into Dargon Keep's catacombs.
  • Take from the Tower in DargonZine 6-2 Passing reference
  • Quadrille 4 in DargonZine 11-1 Her and Cefn encounter Alec, Ariel, and Mouse
  • Quadrille 5 in DargonZine 11-3 Prepares to trap the Order of Jhel
  • Quadrille 6 in DargonZine 11-4 Passing reference
  • Talisman Five 2 in DargonZine 13-7 Je'en stays late at the Braying Ass, and then takes a foolish shortcut through the Fifth Quarter.
  • Talisman Five 3 in DargonZine 13-8 The assault on Je'en by thugs in the Fifth Quarter is the subject of several people's interest.
  • Talisman Ten 1 in DargonZine 17-1 Passing reference
  • Talisman Ten 2 in DargonZine 17-2 Passing reference
  • Talisman Ten 3 in DargonZine 17-3 Je'en is the thief that vanished after robbing the keep in Dargon; Cefn is looking for her.
  • Fears in DargonZine 19-8 Cefn reflects on his time with Je'en and how he lost her.
  • Ol Tamboch Narhin, Thread 6: Building Fear 6 in DargonZine 27-1 Cefn recalls how he lost the love of his life to her own self-sacrifice.