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Faas, Jayko
Description As a child, Jayko Faas was taken from his family by a torturous man. His abductor becomes his mentor in the ways of pain and together they worship Saren by making others suffer. Jayko travels Baranur, turning more people to his cause and eventually amasses a small cult that comes to Dargon.
  • Death Blooms Part 1 1 in DargonZine 29-1 Leader of a cult dedicated to Saren
  • Death Blooms Part 2 2 in DargonZine 29-2 Jayko continues to grow his cult, draw Aerimon closer, and distract Kalen from stopping him.
  • Death Blooms Part 3 3 in DargonZine 30-1 Jayko continues to evade the Town Guard and Aerimon, manipulating them both. He reels Aerimon in using Helena as bait in an attempt to destroy all of Dargon.