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Leavenfell, Roderick
Description Young baron of Leavenfell, he became baron in 1019, when his father, the former baron, died. Prior to his father's death, he trained at Duke Clifton II's court at Dargon Keep.
  • A Father's Gift in DargonZine 20-4 Is confronted by his half-brother, Ashe Leavenfell, when he returns to assume his place as baron.
  • Five Days in Winter - Part 1 1 in Dargonzine 25-3 Passing reference
  • Five Days in Winter Part 2 2 in DargonZine 25-4 Nestor guides Toby and Elanasa to meet with Roderick, the Baron of Leavenfell. Roderick sends Ashe, his younger brother, along with Nestor, Tobey and Elanasa to investigate.
  • King's Key Part 1 1 in DargonZine 32-1 Passing reference.