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Description Minor god of the Beinison Pantheon. Bears the title "The Just". King of the Star Placers and Lord of Justice. He is considered the oldest being in the universe.

According to Beinisonian legend, the god Amante appealed to Ascendere and the Star Placers for justice for the wound he recieved from Gow when the latter rescued Alana from him. Ascendere would hear nothing of it, for Alana was truly the one wronged. Ascendere decreed that Alana would declare the penalty of Amante. The Dark One declared that Amante would forever wear a mask, to hide his shame and his hideous scars, and that he would never again be the ruler of love, for he knew nothing of it. Ascendere declared that Erida, for her part in the crime, would never again hold the Moon-Jewel or the Star Mantle, the latter of which she had stolen from the Star Placers themselves; these items, won by Gow, would be his wedding gifts to Alana. And for Moire's punishment for her jealousy, Ascendere and Sanar instilled in the Moon-Jewel control over the tides, so that Alana would always have some control over Moire.