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Quikuches, Raimundo
Description Viscount of Marolleris during the late 9th and early 10th century B.Y. He served Beinison and Emperor Alejandro VII Blortnikson and was considered one of the empire's more capable warlords. He was always especially loyal to the empress mother, Aendasia Blortnikson, and volunteered to lead the Beinisonian contingent that her son allowed her to bring to Baranur to help secure her claim to that nation's throne (cf. the .Great Houses War).
  • The Great Houses War 4 in DargonZine 19-9 As battle captain for Aendasia Blortnikson's army, he leads the insurrectionist army in an number of battles against House Tallirhan supporters
  • The Great Houses War 9 in DargonZine 21-1 Fights beside Aendasia Blortnikson in the Great Houses War