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Welspeare, Katrina
Description Duchess of Welspeare at the time of the Great Houses War. Deceased circa 960 B.Y.. She converted to the Stevenic at the same time as her sister Dara and the latter's husband, King Caeron Tallirhan. Despite initial zeal, she never gave up her love of excitement and battle, nor of men. A woman of large apetites, she never lived up to the Stevenic ideal as did her sister and brother-in-law. She was nevertheless always a loyal and trustworthy individual and renowned as a great general. One of the major characters of the Great Houses War; she was an ardent supporter of King Caeron and proponent of his coronation by the Stevenic Master Priest Cyrridain Tallirhan. She campaigned across the whole of Baranur during the war and played a decisive role in the loyalists' ultimate victory. At the time of the Great Houses War, she was in her early twenties and in her prime. She had a pretty, round face and large brown eyes framed by straight dirty-blonde hair. She was well-known for her bright and cheerful countenance even in the midst of war. After Deber of 899 she had a large scar left cheek from a wound she recieved in battle during the war.