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Corathin Pottery
Description The Corathin Pottery is known for employing the best potters in the Duchy of Dargon. It is located in the town of Hartim, in the Barony of Madenee.
  • The Ballad of the Potter and the Horse Thief in DargonZine 16-5 Maurev and Haian work for Corathin.
  • Fears in DargonZine 19-8 Passing reference
  • Walking the Venilek in DargonZine 21-1 Donin is the only one to sell Corathin Pottery on the old city side of the Coldwell
  • Stolen Thunder in DargonZine 21-2 Passing reference
  • A New Future in DargonZine 22-4 Barlid received some of this pottery as a fee for leading Cefn An'derin to the place where people were receiving the kiss of courage and having all their fears removed.
  • The Killing Time in DargonZine 26-2 Davris and Barin plan to sell some Corathin pottery obtained under questionable circumstances
  • Nessis Romen Gets a Date in DargonZine 28-2 Passing reference.