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Coranabo, Edward
Description Once powerful baron who was involved in the plot to assassinate Clifton Dargon and Fionn Connall; beheaded for treason in Seber 1013.
  • Worthy of the Title 3 in FSFnet 10-5 Passing reference
  • A Visit to Connall in FSFnet 11-3 Coranabo visits Luthias; offers his daughter's hand in marriage.
  • A Bride for Dargon in FSFnet 11-3 Offered his daughter to Luthias Connall
  • Trial by Fire 1 in DargonZine 2-1 Prime accuser of Ittosai.
  • Trial by Fire 2 in DargonZine 2-4 Accuses both Ittosai and Clifton of treason.
  • Trial by Fire 4 in DargonZine 2-6 Sentenced to death for treason.
  • Falsehoods in DargonZine 9-6 Tasks Wolf with finding many unusual items, to include the "faerie princess," Mouse.
  • Deliverance 0 in DargonZine 11-2 Traitor to Baranur, works with Beinison to frame Duke Dargon of treason