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Challion, Artemus
Description Former Knight Captain in the Baranur army, dishonorably discharged for forcing himself on a peasant girl. He always boasted about how he would make Knight Commander one day, so after his discharge he was given the title 'Commander Challion' in mockery by those who knew him. He won part ownership of the pirate vessel Black Swan from its skipper, Captain Skoranji, in a card game. The two then set out looting wrecked ships and even engaging in active piracy once in a while. He made an enemy of Brynna Thorne (captain of the Vanguard Voyager) during an encounter off Cape Perpetual. Some time later, Brynna prevented him from obtaining a magical device called the Cavarnon Shield. In 1013, a group known as the Triarch hired him to acquire the Codex Araltakonia, a mysterious, ancient book that Brynna possessed. With the help of a pair of mages and the Cavarnon Shield (which he had somehow managed to obtain despite Brynna's interference), he ambushed the _Voyager_ en route to Port Sevlyn. Brynna and her crew were able to repel the attack; later, a Royal Navy ship arrived to arrest Challion and round up the others on the Black Swan. Challion was eventually tried in Magnus for his crimes, and sentenced to several years in prison.