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Description The original Fretheod settlement beneath what is now Dargon Keep occupied the south bank of the Coldwell estuary, which was linked to the seaport on the north bank by a magical, invisible footbridge. When the Fretheod Empire failed, this magical bridge was replaced by a low causeway which spanned the river. During spring runoff, the causeway is often clogged with debris and frequently damaged due to flooding. Various attempts have been made to keep it serviceable, both by using wooden slatting on the bridge itself as well as stone piers and wooden pilings, but it is always something of a work-in-progress. The causeway is supplemented by a number of ferries, as well. In Sy of 1018, the causeway was heavily damaged by a runaway barge. The collapse of a section of the roadway caused the causeway to be closed for safety reasons. In Ober of 1018, as part of the repair work, the Doravin demolished the rest of the causeway.