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Description Lacsil is a tall man with blond hair and green eyes who dresses completely in clothes of nearly the same green color. His voice is raspy and as distinctive as it is unpleasant. Lacsil is a member of the Bloody Hand of Sageeza, a cult bent on the destruction of the Rhydd Pobl, and anyone else who is "different". Lacsil, however, has a personal grudge to bear - mistaken as a gypsy once in the past, he was punished for crimes he hadn't committed (though, neither had any gypsies): his right thumb was cut off. Lacsil came into the possession of some maps that would lead him through the forests of Baranur and which told him of the location of Eariaddas Hwl, a gathering place of gypsies in the northern part of Baranur. Convinced by the display of a planetary conjunction (the Sword of Sageeza) moving into the constellation called the Wagon, he decides the time has come to move against the gypsies. He organizes members of the Bloody Hand to stage a raid on Eariaddas Hwl, and sets out north with some of his men. On the way, Lacsil and the Hand are ambushed and killed by Ganba and her group of gypsies. This happened in the summer of 1013.
  • Talisman Eight 1 in DargonZine 14-7 Lacsil makes a request of two gypsies in Beeikar, but all is not as it seems.
  • Talisman Eight 2 in DargonZine 14-8 Lacsil leads his followers to the camp of Bobere and Rhonwn, intent on their plans to attack the Rhydd Pobl
  • Talisman Nine 3 in DargonZine 15-9 Passing reference
  • Talisman Nine 5 in DargonZine 15-11 The gypsies of Ganba's bantor are closing in on Lacsil steadily.
  • Talisman Nine 6 in DargonZine 16-1 Lacsil sees his dream of attacking the gypsies end. He tries to escape that end, but fails.
  • Talisman Ten 1 in DargonZine 17-1 Passing reference
  • Talisman Ten 2 in DargonZine 17-2 Passing reference