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Description Rhonwn is one of the Rhydd Pobl, of the Blue Valley band. His real father is Bobere, though he calls him "murntedd" as is the custom of the gypsies. Rhonwn looks very much like his father, though his hair is longer and brown, and his nose is not as hooked. He favors multi-colored clothes, though not in a patchwork pattern. Rhonwn is not as interested in selling as in having fun as he and his father travel from town to town, hawking their wares. He tends to spend his days learning about the places they've travelled to and meeting people, and then his nights bedding as many of those people as he can get away with. In the summer of 1013, one of his dalliances leads to news of his father's maps of the gypsy trails falling into the hands of the Bloody Hand of Sageeza. One part of this group, led by Lacsil, capture Rhonwn and his father's maps, and set out to disastrously disrupt the annual Rhydd Pobl gathering at Eariaddas Hwl. After an escape attempt, Rhonwn's leg is brutally broken at Lacsil's order to prevent any further escapades.
  • Talisman Eight 1 in DargonZine 14-7 Rhonwn's penchant for sleeping around gets him in trouble.
  • Talisman Eight 2 in DargonZine 14-8 Rhonwn tries to warn his father about Lacsil and the Bloody Hand, but they do not get away in time
  • Talisman Nine 3 in DargonZine 15-9 Rhonwn tries to escape his captors, Lacsil and other agents of the Bloody Hand of Sageeza
  • Talisman Nine 6 in DargonZine 16-1