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Death Rattler
Description Dargon's eerie "garbage man." He and his apprentices are responsible for clearing Dargon's streets of garbage and for disposing of the occasional corpse found in the alleys. He is mute and thus uses handspeak to communicate.
  • Rattler's Imp in DargonZine 13-13 Accepts the apprenticeship of a new boy, Cail, from a town stonemason.
  • The Day Ordelius Dobber Died in DargonZine 14-2 The Death Rattler is wandering the streets of Dargon at night, and not everyone is pleased to encounter him
  • Flingers in DargonZine 14-5 Passing reference
  • Dancing in DargonZine 19-5 Passing reference
  • Second Chances in DargonZine 23-3 Passing reference
  • Redale's Shore Leave in DargonZine 24-3 Passing reference
  • For A Slice of Apple Pie in DargonZine 26-2 Passing reference.
  • Jacer and Ratches Grand Plan in DargonZine 26-5 The Rattler knows Jacer and Ratche are up to something, so he orders them to be careful.
  • Cursed 1 1 in DargonZine 28-1 Joins the excursion to find Perry.
  • Cursed 2 2 in DargonZine 28-2 Ilona allows him to follow them in search of Perry, in case the man they are seeking truly is dead.
  • A Tale of Dark Endings in Dargonzine 31-2 Helps Corambis the sage with the impending disaster coming to Dargon