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Description Young educated noble who suffers from haunting dreams. Sometimes he lives entire lives in his dreams; he fears that his current life in Dargon is yet another dream, and allows no one to become close to him. He takes a special potion to prevent himself from dreaming.
  • Rendezvous 1 in FSFnet 4-1 Addicted and desperate, Atros kills Gilman for a vial of Nepenthe
  • Dreamer's Holiday 2 in FSFnet 4-3 Assumes Raffen's identity after murdering him. Has a conversation with Pravo about "squarge" and discovers that an old enemy, Gilman, had followed him to Dargon.
  • Calls of Courtesy 3 in FSFnet 4-4 Finds an assassin dead in his room
  • Growing Concern 4 in FSFnet 6-5 Is attacked by armed and armored men
  • Through the Veil 5 in FSFnet 7-3 Learns the truth of his dreams
  • A Difficult Recovery 6 in FSFnet 7-5 Atros recovers from his dream
  • Noble Favor 7 in FSFnet 10-1 Goes to ask a favor of Kite