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Araesto, Cydric
Description Young ex-noble from Magnus, now crewman on the Vanguard Voyager.

The second son of Duke Khysar Araesto of Pyridain, Cydric left home to pursue a life of adventure after the dissolution of his marriage to Lysanda, the King's niece. His first adventure took place in Dargon, where he met Corambis the Sage. He and Corambis traveled to another dimension where they encountered an ancient mage who planned to sacrifice them in order to bring forth an evil being from the Nether Realm.

He then traveled to Sharks' Cove, where he met a young woman named Mandi. She was instrumental in getting him signed onto the trading vessel Vanguard Voyager, captained by Mandi's cousin Brynna. En route to Port Sevlyn, the Voyager was attacked by pirates led by Commander Challion and Captain Skoranji. Cydric killed their wizard with a well-placed arrow, thus enabling the crew of the Voyager to repel the attack.