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Description One of the five items secured in the Treasury of Farevlin, this object is also known as the Scepter of Unity. Hekorivas is only a quok long, the span from a man's fingertips to his elbow. On each end, encased in a wood lattice, is an irregular oval lump of some kind of whitish crystal, with a third crystal in the middle of the staff. Not attached to the side, but actually in the middle of the wooden staff. By means of an ancient ritual, the wood at the center of the staff was cut along its length, dividing it into strips. These strips were then softened and stretched outward to leave room for the lump of crystal to fit inside. Then, the strips were twisted to form a lattice like those on the ends, which had been created by a similar application of ritual magic. The entire staff was a single, unjointed piece of wood. All along the wooden length are carvings, both pictures and geometric shapes. The staff is a work of art no longer replicatable, along with its legendary status, for it is said that only the unifier of Farevlin can bear Hekorivas.