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Description A thousand years before the Fretheod conquered the lands of Gerolevan, small tribes wandered across those lands trying to survive. Two such tribes came into conflict. They battled over a piece of land, each trying to claim it for their own people. But neither was superior to the other, and the war just continued on and on. Eventually, the battle came to be known to a powerful wizard who thought it within his power to halt the war. He kidnapped the families of the rulers of both tribes, and held them for ransom. At first, the tribes' leaders didn't believe him but once the wizard had turned both of their fathers into beasts of the field, they gave in. The ransom was a pact, signed in blood and binding 'til the end of time. The wizard erected a tall stone, and he told the tribal leaders that they would have to suspend their war until the time when his task was completed. And that task was for them to wear a hole through the stone using no tools, but only the rubbing of their hands. With no choice but to obey, the two tribes set to their task. One person from each tribe worked on the stone from either side. Day after day, year after year, the tribes worked at their task. As the years passed, the two tribes began to erect stones in rings around the central stone, capping two with a third stone every fifth year. Stone after stone, ring after ring, and finally, hundreds of years later, the central stone was pierced. By then, of course, the two tribes were one. Working together for so long, any differences between them had vanished long since, and been forgotten in the dictates of the task. And that is how the Venel and the Eletri tribes became one, and how the monumental creation known as the Veneletri Stones came to be.
  • Talisman Two 2 in DargonZine 12-12 The Venel's role in the creation of the Veneletri Stones is revealed.