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Creator's Pantheon
Description The Creator's Pantheon is a dynamic polytheistic religion in Dargon. Most major cities have temples to some or all of the gods, each with its own Euilamon, or chief priest. These temples are usually quite independent. One of their beliefs is that their gods may come and go for years at a time, which lends a degree of dynamism to the pantheon, whose gods are numbered in the dozens. Devout followers get a tattoo on the upper part of their left arm. Priests get a brand on their right shoulder.
  • Visitation Rites in DargonZine 12-10 We learn many details about the pantheon
  • Dancing in DargonZine 19-5 Passing reference
  • Tough Healing in DargonZine 19-7 Two Euilamon from the Creator's Pantheon give Lilike advice.