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Elder Speakers
Description The Elder Speakers to the Anhilizharnoh are a group of old shaman who have gained wisdom in their roles, and who then 'retire' and join the Elder Speakers. This body of wise shaman guide the Siizhayip by focusing on long term plans, on the future of the clans, which the council of clans seldom had the time for. The Elder Speakers like to present themselves as supernatural intercessors for the Lords of the Sky, and as such, they employ simple magics to disguise their voices and to cause cool winds to blow when they appear. Even so, only the youngest or most na´ve visitants don't know who they really are.
  • Talisman One 3 in DargonZine 12-9 The Elder Speakers come up with two plans to insure that the future of their people is a healthy one.
  • Talisman One 4 in DargonZine 12-10 Passing reference.