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memory wheel
Description The Memory Wheel is a device from an ancient civilization, ancient even to the Fretheod. The device was known to Orlebb's people, but it is not known whether anyone else still knew of the device after Orlebb's people were killed. One part of the wheel consists of a lightweight cylinder of paper or thin velum stretched over a metal frame to keep it rigid. The surface of the covering is painted in a random fashion with diverse shapes and colors. An "X" of wire crosses the top of the cylinder, with a circle at the center of the "X" so that the four arm wires do not actually come together. Suspended from the bottom wire frame of the cylinder are tiny bells, sometimes of differing sizes. The other part of the wheel consists of a wide base from which rises a thin pole. The top of the pole is pointed and notched, so that the ring at the center of the "X" of the painted cylinder can rest in the notch in the point. The construction is such that when placed together, the cylinder can be spun on its pole, causing a music-like humming tone from the friction of circle and pole, as well as a gentle tinkling of the bells hanging from the cylinder. At the top of the pole, put in place after the cylinder is settled into its notch, is a small bowl that serves both to keep the cylinder from spinning off of the pole but also to hold some kind of fuel such as oil. Burning this fuel serves to keep the cylinder spinning for much longer than it would otherwise. The Memory Wheel is intended as a meditation aid. The painted decorations on the cylinder flow together as it is spun, creating soothing patterns. The music of the bells and the humming, combined with the patterns and the scent that is usually mixed with the fuel, all work together to relax the meditator and free the mind from its mundane restrictions.
  • Talisman Zero 6 in DargonZine 12-6 It is after meditating before his memory wheel that Orlebb conceives his plan to force a joining between him and Kendil, Nikkeus, and Eldinan.