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Greythorn, Aren
Description Aren is fifteen years old, with short, sandy hair and blue eyes. After the death of his parents, he and his younger sister,Kerith, took to the streets of Dargon, rather than face being separated. Formerly lived with Sian Allyn, but was recently apprenticed to Derill Carpenter and is now living there.
  • Lost and Found in DargonZine 11-10 Has to learn to come to terms with the rules and constraints of being part of a 'family' once again, as well as struggling between loyalty towards a friend and his own sense of honour.
  • In a Stew in DargonZine 12-12 Finds work at the Inn of the Golden Lion.
  • A Woman's Prayer in DargonZine 14-3 Passing reference
  • Flingers in DargonZine 14-5 Helps Sian collect and sell flingers.
  • Sweet Healing in DargonZine 17-2 Mentioned as having been apprenticed to Derill Carpenter.
  • Out of the Rubble 1 in DargonZine 18-8 Passing reference
  • Out of the Rubble 2 in DargonZine 19-2 Passing reference
  • Out of the Rubble 3 in DargonZine 19-3 Passing reference
  • Are There Dragons? in DargonZine 22-1 Passing reference
  • Changes in DargonZine 22-4 Returns from his apprenticeship for a farewell dinner for Finn Harlen