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gong farmer
Description A medieval plumber. This unfortunate soul is tasked with clearing out blocked waste chutes in castles and keeps. Dargon Keep's gong farmer is very much insane. He considers himself to be a Knight Commander of his own army in search of some foul beast lurking about the Keep's sewers
  • The Gong Farmer in DargonZine 11-3 Dargon Keep's gong farmer enlists the unwilling assistance of Rish Vogel, Lord Chronicler, in a hunt for "the foul beast."
  • The Sanity of Spirit in DargonZine 12-8 Rish Vogel's encounter with the gong farmer is remembered by some of Dargon Keep's guards.
  • Hidden Talents 1 in DargonZine 16-2 Passing reference