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Pickett's Let
Description The name given to the part of Dargon that lay between the Street of Travelers and the river, along the south side of the New City. Pickett's Let (Pickett's Inlet, originally) had grown up around a stub of the river named for a man who was now entirely unremembered. Over time and under trash, the inlet got filled in, the end furthest from the main channel of the river becoming treated as land for building first. However, all of Pickett's Let was never considered a desirable place to live. The only people who lived there did so because they couldn't afford to live anywhere else. The land remained squishy underfoot, malodorous, and likely to sicken the residents. Because the land was rotten, buildings there were poorly constructed and they fell down frequently. The river, in consequence, is frequently visible from the Street of Travelers all the way across Pickett's Let